Step 3

Graduate cooperatives and monitor graduation

Once the plan has been developed and the agribusinesses have been assessed, it is time for the training to begin. Selected BDS providers, including both Agriterra and external contracted parties, jointly implement the graduation strategy. This training is monitored by AgriGRADE to ensure that it follows the plan. The agribusinesses are also periodically reassessed to measure their improvements.

The full graduation process requires input from multiple actors. The three main actors present in the AgriGRADE approach are TA service providers, companies, and financial service providers. The TA service providers offer customized BDS at the level of each selected agribusiness. This helps them to grow most effectively. The companies provide incentives to the agribusinesses from which they source to encourage their work towards professionalism. 

Some companies may also provide their own services. Financial service providers can provide training on specific aspects of bankability, such as financial planning and governance training. Together, these three parties create an environment conducive to graduation and professionalism.