Step 4

Improving service delivery value chain performance

While the agribusinesses are being trained and professionalized, it is also important to strengthen the overall value chain. Based on the previously conducted Service Delivery Model Assessment (SDMA), business advisory services and TA are provided to the companies that work with the agribusinesses. The SDMA also helps to determine the commercial thresholds for the companies and the agribusinesses.

Improving the companies helps to strengthen the value chain relationships overall. This may require some TA investments. These can help to both improve and scale the services that the companies provide and their sourcing models. If TA investments are necessary, the companies co-fund them alongside AgriGRADE.

The companies also receive advice on how to tailor their financial services. This makes the companies more competitive and efficient while also helping the agribusinesses gain access to quality services (e.g., inputs, seeds, markets, and finance).

AgriGRADE Interoperability