Step 5

Linking advanced cooperatives to finance, inputs, and markets

Finally, the top performing agribusinesses are linked to opportunities such as financing. The data collected previously is used to create a pipeline of agribusinesses in the format of the common bankability metrics, designed by AGRA, SCOPEinsight, and CFI. This pipeline is delivered to financial institutions via the SCOPE Portal, an online platform that allows financial institutions to find agribusinesses that fit their risk appetite.

This way of working reduces costs for financial service providers and increases their insights into potential risks. Local financial institutions are onboarded onto the SCOPE Portal and guided through the process. 

While Oikocredit and Farmfit are both part of the process, the goal is for the majority of the financing to come through local financial service providers, with Oikocredit and Farmfit merely filling in gaps. This creates a more sustainable and scalable model. The linkages established can help further develop the financial models.