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Unlocking the Potential of Rural Economies

In the rural landscapes of emerging markets, opportunity and need intersect. AgriGRADE is on a mission to harness this potential—transforming cooperatives into catalysts for economic growth and community well-being.

Our approach is pragmatic: assess, segment, and professionalize agribusinesses, then integrate them with financing and global networks. This strategy not only boosts cooperatives but also aligns with donor goals for sustainable impact, brand needs for robust supply chains, financial institution criteria for investable ventures, government objectives for economic stability, and multilateral efforts for regional development.

Discover how AgriGRADE is turning potential into progress.

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Policy Shaping

Engage with us to drive sustainable agricultural policies, support rural development, and foster economic growth in your country.

Investment Confidence

Place your trust in AgriGRADE's data-supported, sustainable agribusiness models with a clear track record of impact and investment potential.

Value Chain Enhancement

Join forces with AgriGRADE to reinforce your supply chain, broaden your market presence, and introduce innovative practices in agribusiness.

Impactful Collaboration

Boost rural economies by improving cooperatives and agribusinesses, leading to food security, job opportunities, and better livelihoods for rural communities while supporting the agricultural sector.

Global Synergy

Partner with AgriGRADE to professionalize global agricultural cooperatives, enhancing food systems and rural development worldwide.

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Envisioning the Cooperative Landscape in 5 Years

Maturity of cooperative

Year 1

Baseline Segmentation

4 : Top Performing
3 : Advanced
2 : Advancing
1 : Basic

Many poor
farmers & no
access to finance

Maturity of cooperative

Year 3


4 : Top Performing
3 : Advanced
2 : Advancing
1 : Basic

More resilience

Maturity of cooperative

Year 5

Endline Graduation

4 : Top Performing
3 : Advanced
2 : Advancing
1 : Basic

Thriving, investible,

How do we do it?

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